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Confidental Clinic Dental Private Treatment Fees

Prices may vary depending on the individual practice and maybe subject to a deposit.

General Treatments

New Patient Examination
fees from £50.00
Routine Examination
fees from £39.00
Radiographs (per film)
fees from £12.50
Emergency Appointment from
fees from £50.00
Panoral Radiograph
fees from £45.00
CT Scan (per arch)
fees from £165.00


Hygiene Appointment (30 mins)
fees from £65.00
Hygiene Appointment + Airflow (45 mins)
fees from £95.00
Children’s Hygiene Appointment (under 11 years old)
fees from £32.50
Periodontal Treatment from
fees from £260.00

Restorative Treatments

Composite restorations (White fillings)
fees from £125.00
Amalgam restorations (Silver fillings)
fees from £100.00
Crown/Onlay (per tooth)
fees from£600.00
Porcelain Veneers (per tooth)
fees from £675.00
Bridges (per unit)
fees from £500.00

Dental Implant

Free Complimentary Consultation
Full Implant Assessment
fees from £100.00
Implant including crown
fees from£2160
Bone Grafting
fees from £660.00
Sinus Lift
fees from £1050.00
fees from £660.00

Invisalign including Vivera Retainers (3 sets)

Free Complimentary Consultation
fees from £2150.00 – £3950.00
Fixed Retainer (per jaw)
fees from £160.00
Removable Retainer (per jaw)
fees from £100.00

Composite Bonding

Free Complimentary Consultation
Composite edge bonding (per tooth)
fees from £175.00
Composite Veneer (per tooth)
fees from £275.00

Tooth Whitening

Free Complimentary Consultation
Boutique tooth Whitening (Home Kit)
fees from £305.00

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections and Dermal Fillers

One Area
fees from£200.00
Two Areas
fees from £225.00
Three Areas
fees from £250.00
Dermal Filler per syringe
fees from £250

Oral Surgery

Routine Extraction
fees from £130.00
Surgical Extraction
fees from £190.00
Gum Recontouring
fees from £350.00

Root Canal Treatment

fees from £355.00
fees from £455.00
fees from £655.00

Orthodontic Treatment

Adult Consultation
fees from £50.00
Adult Fixed Appliance (Metal) (per arch)
Including removable retainers
fees from £2600.00
Adult Ceramic Fixed Appliance (Tooth Coloured) (per arch)
Including removable retainers
fees from £3100.00
Free Child Consultation
Child Fixed Appliance (Metal) (per arch)
Including removable retainers
fees from £1600.00
Child Ceramic Fixed Appliance (Tooth Coloured) (per arch)
Including removable retainers
fees from £2100.00
Fixed Retainer (per arch)
fees from £160.00
Replacement Removable Retainer (per arch)
fees from £100.00


Partial Acrylic denture
fees from £450.00
Full Acrylic Denture (per arch)
fees from £600.00
Full Upper and Lower Acrylic Denture
fees from £1195.00
Partial Cobalt Chrome Denture (per arch)
fees from £1095.00
Full Cobalt Chrome Denture (per arch)
fees from £1200.00

NHS Fees

(Effective as of 14th December 2020)

NHS treatments charges are ‘capped’ and fall into 3 bands as follows:

Band 1 – x-ray, simple scaling and examination – £23.80

Band 2 – fillings, extractions and band 1 treatments – £65.20

Band 3 – dentures, crowns and band 1 and 2 treatments – £282.80

Band 4 – emergency dental treatment – £23.80

Cancellation Policy

Our practice policy states that 2 failed to attend appointments and/or 2 short notice cancellations (with less than 48 hours notice) will lead to our practice being unable to continue to provide you with dental care services and any current treatment would be terminated. We will of course take any special circumstances into account. In addition, any deposits that have been paid at the time of booking would be forfeited.
This is a policy agreed between NHS South London and the Local Dental Committee’s.
We thank you for your continued support.

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