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All on Four Implants

Same day teeth are a ground breaking treatment which can completely change your life in just one day. They are the ideal treatment if you wish to have fixed teeth immediately and are the nearest alternative to fully functional, natural and healthy looking teeth.

Our team of dental experts at Confidental Clinic can extract the necessary teeth, place the implant/s AND restore with fully functioning, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable provisional teeth.

This could be the perfect treatment for you if you suffer from any of these:

  • Ill-fitting or uncomfortable dentures
  • Ill-fitting or loose crowns or bridges
  • Decayed or un-restorable teeth

And will benefit you by:

  • Having the full procedure in one day, allowing you to leave with natural looking teeth
  • Eliminate the need for uncomfortable dentures or bridges
  • Avoid the false teeth look
  • Smile, talk and laugh without embarrassment
  • Allow you to eat with confidence

Prior to the surgery stage, preparation and intricate treatment planning is essential.

The usual stages are:

Stage 1 – Planning and preparation

A 3D scan will be taken of both upper and lower jaws so we can identify the precise positioning of the implants.

Stage 2 – Study models

Study models of the jawline will be constructed so your implantologist can assess the placement of the implants in minimally invasive locations.

Stage 2 – Same day teeth and surgery

Our laboratory experts will construct provisional bridges following your implantologist’s prescription before surgery, allowing you to see the aesthetics prior to fitting and us to fix non-removable arches to your implants following placement.

Our dental surgeons will be happy to discuss same day teeth treatment with you in person. Please contact our reception team to book your free consultation.

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