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20 April 2022

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Cosmetic bonding is an extremely popular treatment to fix broken, chipped or discoloured teeth. This procedure is a favourite by many due to its minimal prep work, quick treatment time and instant results. In this post we will discuss the treatment and why it is a great way to help you achieve a smile you’re happy with. We will also discuss whether cosmetic bonding is a treatment that can be carried out at home.

What is tooth bonding?

Cosmetic tooth bonding is a dental procedure used to fix or remove any imperfections within your smile. Your dentist will first have a look at your teeth and colour match them to the cosmetic resin beforehand. Then, your dentist will mildly prep your teeth before applying the resin over and moulding it to the perfect or desired shape. Your new cosmetic resin will be hardened using a dental curing light before being shaped and polished to add the finishing touches.

When should you get cosmetic bonding?

There are many things to look at to help you decide when or if you should get cosmetic bonding. There are many different issues that can be fixed with this treatment, including the following:

Discoloured teeth: Cosmetic bonding can be used to whiten teeth and create the appearance of a pearly white smile.

Chipped or cracked teeth: Cosmetic bonding can help restore the appearance of your teeth after chipping or cracking them.

Teeth gaps: Cosmetic bonding is an effective way to close gaps within one or multiple teeth.

How long does cosmetic bonding last?

A popular question by potential patients is how long does cosmetic bonding last? There are many variables that affect how long cosmetic bonding can last. These include bad oral hygiene, trauma to the resin or eating foods that could stain. To look at this in more detail head to our blog that discusses this in more detail.:

Does cosmetic bonding damage teeth?

Another concern frequently expressed is whether cosmetic bonding can damage your teeth. To learn more about this topic, head to our blog post that covers all questions you may have about this topic.

How much does Cosmetic bonding cost in the UK?

A frequent question people often ask is how much cosmetic bonding will cost in the UK. The price of cosmetic bonding varies due to a variety of factors, so visit our blog post that is focused on this topic.

Can you do cosmetic bonding by yourself at home?

A common question by potential patients is whether or not they can do cosmetic bonding by themselves, at home. There are a range of different kits on offer that advertise ‘cosmetic bonding at home’ that come with a variety of disadvantages. We wouldn’t recommend this method of self-treatment due to the following reasons.

Disadvantages of cosmetic bonding at home:

  • The first disadvantage of cosmetic bonding at home is that the at-home kits offer only very miniscule changes. If you have severely chipped teeth or gaps in your teeth- these won’t be able to be fixed with an at home kit.
  • Another disadvantage is that at home, you don’t have access to the wide variety of tools available at a dentist practitioner. Motorized tools, certain picks and other equipment won’t be available.
  • Also, you won’t have access to the variety of cosmetic bonding products that a dentist does. Your practitioner has the ability to choose between a variety of resins to create a beautiful, long- lasting smile. Unfortunately that is not a luxury at-home bonding kits offer.

Positives of having cosmetic bonding done professionally:

There are many positives to having your cosmetic bonding done professionally, which far outweigh the premise of at-home bonding kits. These advantages include:

  • You can have more extensive bonding treatment to fix more severe imperfections than cosmetic bonding. This includes filling large gaps in your smile.
  • You have access to the professional tools to ensure your cosmetic bonding looks its absolute best. This range of equipment is not available to you at home and having access to this will ensure the best results possible.
  • Your practitioner will have access to a wide variety of resins to choose form- which in turn will ensure your cosmetic bonding results are the best they can be.

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